Notary in Tel Aviv

Notary In Tel Aviv

Our notary, Itay Brafman, Adv., a partner at the firm, provides the firm's clients and general public with the entire range of the notary services and certifications.
The primary languages of Mr. Brafman's work are English and Hebrew, however certifications in other languages may be provided as well, subject to sworn translation which can be obtained from the actual translator.
The notary actions and services we provide include, among others:

  • Apostille certification.
  • Translation and certification of Articles of Association and By-Laws for registration of branches of foreign companies with the Israeli Registrar of Companies.
  • Authentication of signatures, affidavits, powers of attorney and the like.
  • Certification of copy (notarized copy, true copy).
  • Translations.
  • Certification of Translation.
  • Certification of Will under Section 22 of the Inheritance Law, 1965.
  • Certification of Financial Relations Agreement.
  • Other certifications and notarial actions.

For additional information and appointment, please feel free to contact Mr, Brafman's secretary at +972.3.566.5005 or